Original Centenario Coin With Bezel (Pre-owned)


Looking for a rare and valuable addition to your coin collection? Look no further than this stunning preowned Centenario coin, complete with a beautiful bezel!

This coin is a true collector's item, originally minted in Mexico in 1921 to celebrate the country's 100th anniversary of independence and made from 37.5 grams of 24K Karat gold. It features an elegant design with the iconic Winged Victory statue on one side and the Mexican coat of arms on the other. With a weight of 37.5 grams and a diameter of 41 millimeters, this coin is a true masterpiece of numismatic art. The year of this piece is 1947. 

But what really sets this Centenario coin apart is its exquisite bezel. Crafted from 14 karat gold the bezel showcases the coin's intricate design and adds an extra layer of protection. Whether you're displaying the coin in your collection or wearing it as a statement piece, the bezel enhances its beauty and value.

Coin 37.5 grams pure 24K gold 

Bezel 22.5 grams 14K gold